A completely independent assessment of health and care needs will ensure that you enter into meetings with health and social care professionals from an informed perspective and that you are able to contribute to discussions about future care arrangements effectively.

My independent assessment gathers information for the preparation of a detailed written assessment document, subject to consent or a best interests decision to proceed.

This assessment scrutinises and details social, personal and healthcare needs in order to identify well met need, unmet need, suggested additional support and likely eligibility for financial support with reference to the Local Authority and NHS eligibility criteria and tools.

Recommendations are made based on an evaluation of all information gathered.

A phone call will follow to answer any queries you may have and to provide an opportunity to discuss next steps.

"Claire is very knowledgeable, professional and a tenacious advocate for the rights of those in need of elder care advice. I have no hesitation in recommending Claire's services as I have found it invaluable."MB Jan 2020

Other Ways I Can Help

Independent Advocacy and Mediation

Bespoke Research & Report

Care Monitoring