Month: September 2017

Someone once told me that a mother is only as happy as her unhappiest child but I believe the same can be said of our parents. None of us want to see a dearly loved parent struggle as their independence and quality of life declines.

Consequently our own sense of wellbeing is influenced by elder care issues.

Indeed it is my experience that it is often the women who are essentially the sandwich generation ( children on one side and parents on the other) who strive to support the older relatives in the family.

If you recognise yourself here might I ask you…..

Are you supporting an older relative ?
Are you fulfilling a caring role while trying to work ?
Are you sure your relative is getting the right care at the right cost ?
Are you getting the support you need from the NHS and Social Services ?
Are you getting all available financial support ?

Why not give me a call to see how I can help ?