The Person Left Behind

It has been my experience over the years that families who are already reeling from the loss of an older much loved family member all too often find themselves struggling to support themselves or a parent who finds themselves alone. This may be after many years of supporting each other emotionally, physically and financially and the full extent of that support in the latter years only comes to light following what may have been an unexpected death.

Immediately concerns are raised about how that support can be replaced at a time when further change can be so difficult to bear and during a period when there are so many other tasks and responsibilities to be fulfilled. This can place a significant strain on relationships within the family, particularly when it becomes necessary to make temporary arrangements to accommodate and provide care for the older person who may themselves want personal space and the familiarity of their own home.

Furthermore such an event can cause a dramatic change in the financial circumstances of the person left behind and understanding what financial support is available from the state can be essential in this circumstance.

I aim to provide a calm presence, sound advice and care solutions, working along side other involved professionals, such as solicitors, financial advisers and care providers as required.


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