Month: May 2019

Return visitors to my website may have noticed that all has been quiet on this page for a while, however the opposite can be said in terms of my supporting clients to navigate the care maze.

I am only now coming up for air from an exceptionally busy period dating from early January. This is clearly good news as it demonstrates the genuine need for accurate, timely and well presented advice and information when families are seeking to find the right care solutions for an older relative. What is also clear is the appreciation of a face to face meeting and an open door to ongoing contact. It is frankly difficult to separate the emotional from the practical concerns which so often present them selves in equal measure and establishing a relationship (albeit briefly in many cases ) does make a big difference.

It is also my experience that resources within the NHS and Local Authorities continue to be under enormous pressure and for this reason an extra layer of support from an independent care adviser such as myself is highly recommended. I am able to either bridge the gap in services or work alongside other health and social professionals for the benefit of my clients.

And so I would like to summarise the services available to you and the benefits they provide if you decide to give me a call:

➢ A consultation visit to properly understand all aspects of the situation so that independent, accurate and personalised advice can be given and to ensure that important and previously unconsidered points are not missed.

➢ Bespoke and evidence based research and reporting of the most suitable care options to support informed decision making.

➢ Accompanied care home visits to take some of the stress and worry out of identifying the right care home.

➢ Detailed independent health and care needs assessment of health and care needs to facilitate optimum care provision and effective later life planning.

➢ Assistance with the completion of Attendance Allowance forms to improve the likelihood of a successful application.

➢ Mediation and advocacy services to support individuals or families during difficult conversations or meetings.

➢ Care monitoring to ensure that care needs continue to be met and to provide an opportunity to discuss any changes or concerns.

Essentially I am able to provide as little or as much support as you require. I am in your hands!