Month: September 2018

I have recently been contacted by Mrs B the daughter of a delightful gentleman Mr C who is 86 yrs old.

Her father has lived with her and her family for many years but has become increasingly frail, due to largely physical conditions in recent months.

At the time of her call, her primary concern was how best to support her father whilst maintaining his dignity and privacy in the family home. In addition she sought information about any available financial support towards the cost of the care and support he requires now and may require in the future.

I was invited to their home where I had the pleasure of meeting with both Mrs B and Mr C. This provided the opportunity for me to explore the situation more fully with particular reference Mr C’s needs and wishes, for them to ask the many questions that had been troubling them and for me to respond with accurate advice and information and a clear action plan on which everyone was agreed.

Consequently Mrs B was able to communicate with their local adult social care team with a clear understanding of their entitlement to support, who they should speak to and what they should expect in response.

Furthermore I was able to assist them in their application for financial support and put them in touch with a financial adviser with expertise in care fees funding.

This has resulted in a care plan and the provision of assistive devices which promote Mr C’s safety and independence, maintain his dignity in the family home and allow his family to financially plan for his likely future care costs. In addition both Mr B and Mrs C now have ongoing access to further guidance from Claire Edwards Eldercare Consultant as required moving forward.